All is Illusion and What is Real for You is Real

All is illusion and what is real for you is real. This is a key element of basic living to live well.

Have you ever woken up in the morning and wondered where you were? Then rapidly realized that after all you were in your bed and that you had to get up to go to work. You wanted to get back to your dreams but reality was that you had to get up to receive this pay check at the end of the month that allowed you to go to sleep at night under a roof.

What if, you could continue during the day to live the life you live during the night?

What is real for you is real

How many times have you had a trip at night that was delightful? It was easy and fantastic and no one could harm you. You were invincible. When you went to bed, you knew that no one could come and do you harm, so no one came. You would fly from one city to another in an instant, as you wished. You would explore the Nile and its famous pyramids and in a split second you would find yourself plowing through the snow at the North Pole, polar bears pulling your sleigh. Then you’re lying down under a palm tree with a sombrero pulled down to your nose. Life is good and things are easy.

Then you wake up exhausted, you’ve been so busy all night travelling to all corners of the universe, enjoying every moment of intense emotion. You want to go back dreaming, none of what’s waiting for you is good. Why bother? What if you could continue dreaming during the day?

Well you can. The stories you make in your head become the stories you live, so make these stories the ones you want your life to be. Trust me, even Albert Einstein was saying: “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

This is something that you can control: your thoughts. Think about good things and attract good things to you.

And if unfortunately you have nightmares instead of dreams, you can remedy this as well. During the day, take some vitamin B1, it will help you to have a restful night. You can also simply take a chamomile tea or have a walk around the block just before going to bed.

I hope all this helps for a better quality of life. And remember, all is illusion and what is real for you is real.

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