Avastin Side Effects

Avastin Side Effects

If you are treated for colon cancer, you may have experienced Avastin side effects.

What is Avastin and how does it work?

Avastin is the trade name for Bevacizumab. It stops tumor growth by blocking the formation of new blood vessels and targets specific cells reducing the toxicity to healthy cells. So, by taking Avastin you’re reducing the malignant tumor which is spreading bad cells to the rest of the body.

Avastin is utilized in the treatment of:

Colon or rectal cancer
Lung cancer
Brain cancer
Kidney cancer
It was also used for breast cancer but the FDA revoked its use in November 2011 for that particular type of cancer.

The treatment is delivered intravenously through a 90 minute infusion which can be cut down to 30 minutes if tolerated by the patient.

The Avastin side effects include:

Generalized Weakness
Abdominal pain
Nausea & vomiting
Poor appetite
Upper respiratory infection
Low white blood cell count. (This can put you at increased risk for infection.)
Proteinuria (see kidney problems)
Nose bleed (see bleeding problems)
Hair loss
Mouth sores
Shortness of breath
High blood pressure
Weight loss
Muscle aches and pains
Gastrointestinal perforation/ fistula formation/ wound healing complications
Hemorrhage (severe bleeding)
Hypertensive crisis (severe high blood pressure)
Nephrotic Syndrome – a condition marked by very high levels of protein in the urine (proteinuria),
low levels of protein in the blood, swelling, especially around the eyes, feet and hands.
Congestive heart failure.

The side effects will vary from patient to patient and the majority will only experience some of them. There are means to help reduce their impact on the patients’ lives.

The best you can do to take care of yourself is to drink as much fluid as you can, alkaline water preferably, avoid any kind of alcoholic beverages and sodas with high fructose corn syrup.

If you need to, take anti-nausea medications prescribed by your doctor. As much as you can, you should keep your bowels moving using a stool softener if needed.

While under treatment, your immune system is low and you’re at a high risk of infection. So avoid crowd or any places where you could contract a virus or microbe, definitely avoid meeting anyone sick.

To strengthen your immune system, take long walks. Protect yourself from the sun by wearing appropriate clothing and sunblock.

Another important point is to eat healthy. Eat organic fruits and vegetables, free range chicken, grass-fed beef. Avoid any ingredient that contains high fructose corn syrup, colorants, pesticides and other chemical elements that are damaging your digestive system.

Lastly, practice activities that will keep you cheerful. Watch comedies, listen to uplifting music.
Read a good book.

And finally be certain you will make it through this. The Avastin side effects will soon be only bad memories.

Avastin Side Effects

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