Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy eating habits are the key to your primary wealth: your health. Like your car which needs gas and regular maintenance to run properly, your body requires food to make it go. Too much of it is not good and too little of the right kind of food can be detrimental to your health and well-being.

What foods to choose for a radiant health?

First of all, you should get organic foods as much as you can because the less pesticides and preservatives your food has, the better it is for your digestive system to function properly. This is the foundation of your health. The more processed the food is, the harder it is for your liver and pancreas to do their job. In the long term, all kinds of health problems can develop. Eat an abundance of fruits and vegetables. Eat fish rather than meat and if you do eat meat, make sure the beef is grass-fed and the chicken cage-free.

How much should I eat?

You need to eat enough to provide the energy your body needs to operate. However, giving it too much will create a burden on it that you don’t want. Eat light meals. It is better to add a little snack in between two meals than to eat too much at one meal. It is also better to keep the same type of food together. I.e. eat your fruits separately from the meat. The fruits are fast to digest and easy on your system. If you mix them with meat, your system has a harder time to digest it all. And remember, too much of anything is not good as it creates an imbalance.

How will I know if am not eating right?

Be aware of health indicators. If you have any of these symptoms, you have to review your diet: overweight, underweight, feeling tired all the time, feeling dizzy, lack of energy, lack of well-being. Consult your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or continue.

Balanced meals for the day

Eat proteins in the morning and at lunch to keep your energy level up. Eat lighter for dinner to facilitate your body to recharge itself while you sleep.

If your job does not require physical exercise, find some time during the week where you make it a point to do some exercise. It may be as simple as walking around the block a few times.

Be health minded in all you do and eat! Build your health, build your wealth! Healthy eating habits will literally make it or break it!

Healthy eating habits

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