Healthy Walking Facts

Healthy Walking Facts

Walking to keep fit is probably the easiest physical activity you can do and besides a good pair of shoes, it won’t cost you anything. For us, walking has been a major element in keeping cancer at bay. I remember when we started handling this illness with chemotherapy, my husband was unable to walk. Simply going from our apartment to the garage was more than enough. We took it on a gradient. First we were just touring nice neighborhoods for sightseeing to uplift our spirits. Then we started to walk one block and take a break. Little by little we did 5 minutes, then 10, then 15 and as we were slightly increasing the effort, it became easier. Eight months later we were walking briskly for an hour and we have kept this as a daily routine.

We usually talk as we walk. From time to time, we shut up and accelerate the pace for a while. Sometimes we capture shots but we usually do that on a separate trip. I took the two shots on this page on a recent trip.

Healthy walking speed

Make sure you have a good pair of shoes and comfortable clothes. Sun block, a hat and sun glasses or an umbrella when it’s raining! We’re lucky since we’re in Southern California, however, rain or shine, we get out and walk. Be sensible, when it’s 90 or 100 degrees out, wait for the temperature to cool down. Or go out prepared with water, salt and potassium taken before the walk.

We vary our walks daily and even get to the strong up hills when we feel like it.

So what does walking do to your body?

It helps strengthen the immune system, gives your body muscles and burns unwanted fat. It regulates your heartbeat and strengthens your cardiovascular system, lifts you up emotionally and prompts you to more creativity.

All of this doesn’t happen in one day, it’s regular walking that does the trick. Arrange your schedule to get it in. A walk around the block after dinner will benefit you a lot more than watching TV. It will also help you sleep good. Do it with someone, it’s more fun and safer. And one more tip. If you walk at night, take a flashlight with you and flash it to cars when you’re crossing streets or roads.

walking to lose weight

I’d like to know, do you walk? What kind of exercise do you do to keep healthy?

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