Prometheus 2012 Plot

Prometheus 2012 Plot

You may be ready to go watch the Prometheus 2012 plot which seems to turn a journey in search of mankind’s origins into a salvation of the human race and this is without a doubt thrilling. Let me tell you that there’s something else a lot more thrilling.

When you have stage 4 colon cancer and that parts of your liver have metastases, hearing the good news that you can get rid of this part of the liver and have it grow back within a few weeks up to 95% of its size, is really thrilling.

When you have your liver affected you may not always realize that this organ actually grows back. You know, the Greek Gods, Zeus in ire who had chained Prometheus to a rock and who was having his liver eaten by an eagle during the day only to have it grow back during the night as a symbol of his immortality. Well, this function of the liver regenerating itself has continued all the way down the ages.

I can say that this news was pretty good. And this was not all. Per the surgeon, it’s a lot better to cut part of the colon when it’s just above the cecum than anywhere else. Healing at that place is a lot easier than any other place of the colon. Boy! This was more good news.

Now here’s the toughest part. Because of the Avastin chemotherapy drug being taken, surgery cannot occur before 6 weeks. This is a long time thinking about how well you’ll do on the table. I guess, the thing to do is get oneself ready physically to be strong and be able to support the surgery and forget totally about it so you don’t worry about the whole thing. The least you think about it, the better it’ll be.

What’s the solution? Keep busy. Do plenty of other things and keep your mind busy with plenty of new creative ideas and bring them to fruition. Let’s say you live in a place where you can take a walk every day and appreciate outdoors, well, take the walk! This is just an example, the main point is whatever you do, forget about the surgery…. Go see the Prometheus 2012 plot and have a good time!

Prometheus 2012 plot

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