Your Path To Success – Book Review

Your Path To Success

Your Path to Success by Manfred Johannsen is a pleasant fantasy. It features a thirty-two year old salt by the name of Morgan. You’re literally transported in such varied areas as the county of Dorset, England, the land of the Vikings and India. I was intrigued at the beginning and kept reading to find out what decision would Morgan end up making. I felt it was slow at times, especially at the beginning but kept at it.

However, I was then surprised with what I read. The book presents live analogies worth inspecting and experiencing. Rumor has it that less than 3% of the population is successful at what they do. Is this really true? Why would that be? There are other statistics that could bring an answer to the question and thereby a remedy. The book provides clues to such paradox and therefore a trail to a successful life, thus the title: Your Path to Success.

The philosophy described in the book is no more, no less than life’s philosophy. The eternal question brought up by Shakespeare “to be or not to be?” is answered in no uncertain terms. The simplicity of the answers is probably the reason why they have been researched for so long. The human mind adores complexities and life’s answers are so simple that many if not all have missed the simplicity and manufactured a more elaborate state of affairs where everyone gets lost as if in a maze.

In no uncertain terms, the Indian with whom Morgan has agreed to meet every day for an entire week, unveils all aspects to be taken care of in one’s life in order to find fulfillment. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to read some books on ancient knowledge but many were for me like trying to read Hebrew. This is not the case with this book. It is not esoteric, it is what it is.

If you’re ready for a change, this book may be the one you have been waiting for. It is concise, and full of wise little unexpected gems. Actually there are an abundance of simple actions one can take to improve his life. Do I agree with all explanations in the book? No. Do I think the book is worth reading? Absolutely.

You can find the book by clicking here:Your Path to Success

The Path to Success

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